GKK-geodetická služba, s.r.o.

The provided geodetic and cartographic services are realized under the supervision of an authorized surveyor and cartographer.

About us

We are providing survey works since 2006. Our experience in the field of geodesy and cadastre is a guarantee of quality and timely work. We use modern technical and software equipment in our profession.

We are offering:

  • Complex geodetic activity
  • Advice on land law and real estate

If you need geodetic work, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be pleased to provide you our services.



The provided geodetic and cartographic services are realized under the supervision of an authorized surveyor and cartographer.

  • property arrangement of land
  • setting-out of a lot boundaries
  • consultancy in the field of land law and real estate
  • creation of survey sketch according the costumers needs
  • surveying and elaboration of address point paper
  • record of the land consolidation project into cadastre of real estate
  • geometrický plán-ukážka

  • surveying and representation of planimetry and hypsography
  • legislative and technical documents connected with geodetic activities in the field of preparation, realisation and operation of civil engineering structures
  • control mesaurements of the terrain before area and volume determinantions
  • design, realisation, measurement and data processing of engineering networks/energy lines
  • geodetic activities in building and operation of structures
  • geometrický plán-ukážka

  • optimal design and measurement of control networks and local stakeout networks
  • surveying and representation of planimetry and hypsography
  • measuring and inspecting geometric parameters of industrial objects and technological equipment
  • measurement of displacements and the deformations of buildings and technological equipment before and after technical construction
  • procedures for the stakeout of spatial position and the stakeout of detailed objects
  • geodetic measurements of facades of buildings
  • surveing and representation of measured transverse and longitudinal Profiles; calculation of cubatures
  • measurement and instrumentation for above – and underground energy lines
  • realization and actualization of city base maps, basic industry maps
  • modelling and 3D digitalization of digital terrain models
  • detailed tracking and processing methods
  • measurement and processing of street bands and their reconstruction
  • comprehensive processing of structure documentation and creation of an information system of construction, archiving the surveying part of the post-realization documentation of a structure

  • projection of land consolidation


Selection from our satisfied customers


We will gladly give you an advice in case of doubt. Just contact us by mail or phone.

Do you know where to start?

  • Do you want to settle the land?
    You will need a site plan, inheritance, contracts and documents proving the relationship to the land.
  • Do you want to survey land?
    In this case, it is necessary to define what the subsequent activity is, whether you want to enclose the land, divide the land, sell the land or clearly identify it in the field.
  • Do you want to measure the construction on the plot?
    It is necessary to know whether it is a focus on building approval, or the foundation of an unfinished building in favor of the bank into the land registry.

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Price list

Do you want to settle, survey land or build on land? Are you interested in engineering geodesy or cartography services? Do you need advice on land law and real estate?

  • Prices can be charged with VAT - as a legal entity or without VAT - as self employed.
  • All prices of our services are negotiated with the customer individually, the price dependence on the scope of work, the volume of the contract, the possibility of long-term cooperation, the intensity of the field work and other factors. We provide loyalty and quantity discounts.
  • After providing basic information such as the municipality (cadastral territory) where your property is located, the parcel number, whether it has a letter of ownership of the C registry and your specific request, we will promptly process your quotation.


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